A long overdue spin-off of my life blog PRANAYAMA, and my own poetry abode, CHASING TRAILS, this site celebrates the individual capacity to create and recreate, and inspire imagination and possibilities in the process.

This is a story of my everyday love for anything handmade, pure, distinctive, and totally human.

It is a window to the growing up years of a little girl, sitting excitedly on a stool, as she watches her grandfather create chairs and tables and doors and different kinds of furniture out of wood. A girl who would smile ear-to-ear as she receives a dress sewn by her grandmother for her and her twin sister. A girl who would salvage anything during the occasional general house cleaning because she believes that trash CAN be treasures. A girl who would create gifts out of anything and out of the tiniest creative time and talent she could find because she knew that a labor of love or anything emotionally REAL is still worth more than any material thing mass-produced by a big factory or company.

This is my DIY story. The story behind the 'handmade stories' I create. I hope every soul finds inspiration and creativity here.

With handmade love,

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