Sunday, April 12, 2015


These custom-made zippered pillow cases recently flew to Canada. It's amazing the many miles and smiles these babies crossed to bring sweet dreams to a faraway family's home! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Do you know that feeling as you were growing up when you encountered something that helped you make sense of a word? You did not know exactly what the word "insinuate" meant until it was used in a tv show you were watching or a song you were listening to? I recall the feeling of understanding what the word 'faith' meant. I remember reading a book that explained to my young self that faith is 'believing without seeing.' Before that night, I could not describe faith. I knew I had it but I wouldn't know how to define it.

Believing without seeing.

Today, I celebrate this meaningful memory and discovery. Today, I celebrate the very person I have not seen, but who I believe with all my heart, and who makes me believe in countless beautiful stories that are yet to unfold in my life. Thank you, Jesus.

May you have a Sunday filled with gratitude, too. 

Love, Louberry