Monday, July 7, 2014


Atty. Cherry Julian-Inventor in a wedding dress by Louberry. :)

The time I received the message from Ate Cherry that she wanted me to make her wedding gown in three months time, I was excited, grateful, and...afraid. Excited because it would be my first time to make a wedding dress! I've made a dress previously for a wedding anniversary, but I knew that THIS wedding dress stands on a different level. It would demand more work (more patterns and getting acquainted with new fabric!), and it would bear witness to the start of a lifelong journey between two people, and it would be part of the family's story. I was grateful because I've been entrusted with something I believe was entirely beyond my expectations. Everything I know about dressmaking and sewing at that time I had known only from self-study of books and tutorials online, yet people keep trusting me to create things for them. I am overjoyed everyday with these opportunities and only resolve to fulfill all these tasks with cheerfulness and faith. Then again, there was also a fear that I might not be able to create something that's pretty enough and good enough for the client. I guess when you've grown up with very conscious attention to detail, it is never easy to let go of perfectionism; but I've figured that it's also a good thing because a certain obsession in perfection makes you always  in love with quality work. :)

What helped get me through similar overwhelming fears were not songs like Mariah Carey's "I can make it through the rain," or uber melodramatic Thought Catalog posts flooding my Facebook newsfeed. What have always helped me through these fears were real-life stories of like artists who made me realize that it is a NORMAL thing to be afraid and to be overwhelmed and to cry out of struggle from time to time. And then to smile again and approach every waking day as another opportunity to embrace our work.

I was particularly touched by this post, entitled "Let us all be thankful" by Ms. Lori Portka, who is one of my favorite artists EVER. :) We had exchanged a few e-mails back when she was just starting, and I was just discovering my love for sewing.

In the post, she shared how she managed to embrace gratitude amid her fears as she was preparing for her big event at the National Stationary Show. Here is an excerpt from her blog post: 

It is a crazy load of work and money and I really don’t know what I am doing, and I fall into a panic and wonder, who do I think I am, really? I wonder how I will ever get everything done and if I will ever remember all that I will need, and how my booth will ever look good enough, and how I will ever survive hour after hour being “on” for four straight days and…on it goes. I have already shed a few tears. When I have spiraling thoughts like that, I know I need a moment of peaceful solitude to breathe and to listen. It is funny that when I give those anxious thoughts some space and I really hear them, they quiet down. 
And I usually start to feel grateful for the opportunity! And eventually, I get back to feeling more like “I’ve got this” even though it’s wildly scary. Even though I have doubts. 

Truly, gratitude is magical because it allows us to be optimistic and to open our hearts and souls to all possibilities, no matter how daunting they may look when they first appear to us. And while I am writing this now, I also remember the gospel yesterday where God said to cast our burdens upon Him, because whatever it is that we are carrying, He helps us carry them as we tread along. 

I would not have made everything that I have made so far If I had let my doubts conquer my inner super girl. :) I would not have made my first wedding gown if I had not been grateful all throughout the process.

Here is a tribute video on the wedding gown :):

Behind-the-scenes photos. :)

Time stands still. Beauty in all she is.

Thank you to the lovely newly-weds, Mrs. Cherry Julian-Inventor and Mr. Anjelo Inventor for making me part of your love story. Working with you will be marked along with many others whose encounters and stories I had the pleasure of taking valuable lessons from. May your family life together be always filled with joy and gratitude and love, and may you face every struggle with cheerfulness and faith as well. :)


Also dressed up these happily consolidated cuties. :) Photo courtesy of the groom.

With gratitude and handmade love,