Monday, March 17, 2014


This dress speaks a special story.

There was not any sketch, and I altered the original basic block pattern as I wished. Now everytime I will see this, it reminds me of how, sometimes, the things that we do spontaneously turn out to be the most memorable ones.

Interestingly, the meaning of the name 'Jane' is "Gift from God," and this dress is a gift to a woman named Jane. More insterestingly, in the creation of this dress, I was able to share my gift, and bring home some priceless rewards and lessons in the process.

Saying goodbye to you now so that you can put a smile on another's face.

With handmade love and thoughts of a sunshine-y summer,

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I have a handful of handmade stories I’ve been ecstatic to share. Time flew by so fast, and I am just overwhelmed by all these stories that I have come across so far.

So before I start with writing a new, quite overdue I must say, entry, I am taking this sweet time (amid all of the beautiful mess I have in the studio), to say “THANK YOU” to everyone, and to the man above, who made all of these possible. He has given me the gifts that allow me to create, share, inspire, and bring smiles to many.

Speaking of gifts, I have been a witness to just how the gift-giving story is (still) alive in the hearts of a lot of people I know. Most of those who come to me to have something made are people who want to make a friend, a relative, or a colleague light up with joy. They want something that speaks of how much they value them. How much they love them. And how much they are thinking about them.

The story of the applique shirts #byLouberry started last holiday season. As always, I wanted to give holiday gifts to family which I personally made. For my godchild Miles, I thought of an applique shirt that would look adorable on him, and in a way, also says much truth about him.

Miles' favorite food guessed it right. :p

‘Applique’ in sewing refers to stitching fabric on top of another fabric. They are great sewing technique when making designs. I love it because it also is economical as it can make use of scrap fabric (even the smallest ones!), hence, no fabric is ever wasted (two thumbs up!). 

The fabric I am using for these applique shirts are among the ‘kiddie’ fabric sent over by my grandmother from the US.

After these, there were more who had theirs customized. These are the yellow #pogi shirts which my HS classmate, Melanie, had me made for his brother and his nephew.

What is truly wonderful about making these shirts, and everything else I make, is that moment when you feel the excitement on the part of the guest/customer I am speaking to. When you know that he/she pictures just how happy the recipient is going to be once the gift is received. In this case, you get to be part of all these emotions that speak of family love. And when you see their photos, beaming at the camera, looking truly dashing in these shirts, you just can imagine the happiness filling that room at the time these kinds of moments are captured in a photo.

Tres, Melanie's nephew, turned three, and rocked this #pogi shirt on his birthday. :)
Melanie's brother, Melvin, and nephew, Tres, both looking dashing in their #pogi shirts.

More pogi smiles. :)

Photo courtesy of Melanie's Mom, Ms. Imelda.
Indeed, with a family so loving towards each other, what more can she ask for?

I am amazed when I see families whose ties are so strong; time may change their individual looks and priorities and all, but not the bond they share. I believe that Melanie’s family belongs here. And she, and her brother, and nephew are blessed, indeed, to have each other. J

Sometimes, I would think about years from now when people would outgrow their clothes. These two men would surely grow old and their closets would be filled with bigger clothes. Years from now, I'd like to think that, when they do clean their closets and find these shirts tucked between their piles of clothes, they will remember one thing: how much they were loved by the person who gave it to them. And yes, that they were (and still are) pogi. :p So I guess, that makes it two things--they will remember two things. hehe 

Here is another ohana picture-perfect moment, with the applique shirt in red, for Ms. Maybell’s nephew, who she adorably calls “Pumpkin.” J

Photo courtesy of Ms. Maybell Bayona. "Pumpkin" looks adorable here, especially with that hat and glasses! I feel like he will be breaking many a girls' hearts when he grows up! So pogi. :)

And then for Valentine’s Day, speaking of the applique shirts still, I got to witness and be part of another form of love. My sister had me made a hashtag applique shirt for her and her boyfriend. We spent weeks trying to figure out what to write! Haha. I advised her that since they’re both doctors, it would be interesting to put something ‘medical’ or simply related to their study.

Well, the shirts turned out to be simple but still filled with…love.

For the letter patterns, I did use a font that was quite ‘doctorly,’ if there is such a word. :p. I also used a different plaid fabric for the letters.

Experimented with different fonts for the letters.
Finally decided it should look like a doctor's writing...but still legible. :p

Just so THEY know, I'm yours.

Here are more versions of the #pogi applique shirts, this time, for my nephews in Canada.

Because they do! :)

Since a number of people are asking whether applique shirts are available also for adults, YES they are, and designs can also be customized. J

Whether small or medium or large, and whichever color and design it is, I believe that these shirts, at the end of the day, simply express love. Also, I believe they make perfect gifts to loved ones because they say something like "This happily fits you."These shirts are testament to the quiet act of giving that speaks loud about love that exists in a family, between two people in love, and just about anywhere. 

I am grateful always to be part of these kinds of stories. Thank you. :)

 With handmade love,