Friday, January 10, 2014

IN HONOR OF THE BRIDE: Bridal Veil and Sash

I have dreamt of weddings since I was a little girl. My imagination has been beyond my age I would play the scene of exchanging rings over and over in my head, and I would even re-enact it with an imaginary groom (haha!). I do not know why I did, but I guess reading fairy tales had such a huge influence, and the ‘and they live happily ever after’ part spoke to me so much, the mere image of two people holding each other’s hand and gazing into each other’s eyes in front of the altar felt so magical to me.

I guess so many young girls go through this phase, with enchanted scenes and Once Upon a Dream melodies in their heads.

Until we all grow up and realize that before the exchanging of vows happen, there are waaaay too many things we have to figure out and stress over—our dream church booked for the next two years, which color of table linen we want for our reception, the hotel, the flowers, etc. I recently was part of a team that arranged a simple and private wedding anniversary event; and despite the smallness of the event, the stress related to planning an event was still there. What more in a huge wedding??

Thank heavens we have the Maid of Honor, along with the bridesmaids of course. The title is regal and royal, but it all boils down to literally helping the bride carry some, if not all, of the weight of planning the wedding. Hehe

Before the year 2013 ended, I had the privilege also to assist a Maid of Honor in the creation of two important pieces, which eventually will become a  sort of heirloom for their group of friends.

She asked me to design a flower crown with veil, and a Bride-to-Be sash for the bride for their upcoming bridal shower.

Initial sketch for the bridal crown with veil.

Bride-to-Be sash with rosette pin.

I have to say that a bride is lucky if her Maid of Honor is thoughtfully creative and inventive and loves colors and pretty things—one who understands that the bride deserves to feel and look beautiful on the most important and magical day of her life.

Ms. Jeddha was so hands-on about the planning of the bridal shower, I could feel her excitement even through the messages she was sending to me over the internet.

It was only fitting for me to complement this excitement with the same passion in creating these pretty pieces for the bridal shower.

Crown is adorned with custom-designed fabric flowers and tulle veil.

The crown is adorned with fabric flowers--rosettes and daisies--with pearl accents. I had also recently completed orders for floral hair accessories and brooch for the holidays (featured in the by Louberry home page) so I was already getting the hang of designing and making more fabric flowers. The white sparkly tulle (I love the tulle!) and soft purple tulle fall just below the mid back. It was my first time to really hold a tulle and it was sooo pretty and falls beautifully (quite a challenge to cut but I don't mind), I completely get why it should be part of any bride's wardrobe. 

Pretty daisy.

And then there's the sash. The sash is made of purple satin silk and the Bride To Be text is adorned with hand-sewn faux crystal beads. In preparing the sash, I resigned myself to writing the text "Bride to Be" initially but then..I thought of a friend of mine who has rocking calligraphy skills and I thought I'd invite her over for a morning crafternoon. Her name is Louie Anne Garcia, and she has been my friend since Grade 5. She IS an artist as well--drawing, painting, making stamps, paper-cutting, etc. Recently, she's been into calligraphy and I absolutely adore her skills! Here she is in action:

Louie Anne preparing to write the sash text outline with calligraphic flair. :)

It is a rule of thumb to always test your fabric marker on your fabric as not all fabric are the same. The fabric marker I've been using did not particularly sit well on the sash fabric. It was a good thing I had a tracing paper!

Thank you Louie for sharing your skills and providing the text outline for this beautiful sash.

Faux crystal beads hand-sewn with love by Louberry. :)

I was so excited to see these pieces complement the equally beautiful set-up (by the Maid of Honor herself) during the bridal shower night! Here are some photos she shared from the event:

The Maid of Honor with the Bride wearing the crown veil and sash by Louberry. 

The bride is blessed to be surrounded by thoughtful friends.

Weddings truly become dreamlike and enchanting when we have friends to keep us sane throughout the planning process. I pray that all women look and feel as beautiful as they dreamt on their wedding day.

Most importantly, I wish that all girls get their happy ever afters with the person they choose to spend the rest of their lives with. 

"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Cheers to friends, blushing brides, inspiring love stories, and dream-come-true weddings. 

With handmade love,