Wednesday, September 18, 2013


When I was in my first year in college, we were asked to write a paper entitled 'My Plans in Life' in our Psychology class. Years after, a little over a year since I started working, I stumbled upon a copy of the paper while I was cleaning and organizing my e-mail. I was surprised with what I read. 

Almost everything I had written then--my 'plans'--were exactly how my life has turned out at that moment I was reading it. I said in the paper that I was going to be part of the creatives department of a company, and there I was working in the Creative Services group of a PR agency. Then I said that I would be planning my business--a bakeshop or a boutique--and that I would study to help me build this business. It was almost surreal. I felt like I was communicating with my younger, college self from this present time, and having her take a peek at the life that I have now. It was Ms. Rhonda Byrne's The Secret at work!

A bakeshop or a boutique? I was especially surprised to read there boutique because then, my foremost hobby was baking. I baked quite frequently; and I did think that I might sell cookies and cupcakes someday. Then again, I never did sell them as I loved giving them for free during the holidays instead of selling them! There was more fulfilment in making them and giving them as gifts.

In retrospect, the only memory I had of a business related to clothes was a t-shirt printing business which my twin sister and I thought about when we were younger. I never knew that I would actually be making clothes now! Isn't it amazing the twists and turns of fate? :)

While, I am focusing all my energy to Fashion Design and sewing now, I still love baking, and I still bake especially during the holidays and special occasions. And to this day, I'd like to think my banana lemon cake still rocks. :)

Banana Lemon Cake which I shared with our Kitchen officers and R&D the next day. hehe

I've probably told this 'My Plans in Life' paper story to my former officemate and friend, Nikki, many times. She loves to bake too. She is as in love with baking as I am with sewing. When she is not taking pretty photos or doing audit work, she is probably baking or attending classes on baking. 

Interestingly, I brought the Banana Lemon cake I posted above to the office the next day, which was also the day I met Nikki. :)

Because I knew that she loves baking and I believe in her dream, for her birthday last month, I made Nikki something that also reflects the words in a sticker quote she gave me one day--that quote which is now pinned on my mood board just above my sewing table. It says "My dreams are worth chasing after."

Nikki and I loved giving each other random quotes for inspiration. She also gave me the sticker quote that says 'My heart is always in the right place.' :)

I made her a personalized Apron. I used upcycled fabric for the cupcake applique on the apron (this made me crave a cupcake while sewing!), traced our her name on felt ribbon, and placed it on the waistband.

I've always believed that when we have joy in our hearts and minds when we are creating something, we also transfer that happiness in the work that we do, and share this with the people who get to receive anything we have created.

Nikki receiving her surprise gift! :) Your sweet dreams are worth chasing after!

There is indeed so much I am learning in the process of making things by hand. Every cut and baste and stroke of a marker is carefully planned and done with the picture of someone happy in mind. 

I've also learned that we may forget our plans and dreams for a little while, but they are always there. I wrote those plans in my college paper because those were my dreams. And perhaps, whether or not I came across that paper again, my life will stick to those plans or to something similar to those plans. This actually reminds me of something I would always tell Nikki. Something truly memorable that I heard from a television show: 

"God put our dreams in our heads for a reason."

And that reason, I believe, is to chase them. 

No matter how small, every step towards the direction of our dream matters. As Nick Vujicic would say, take small steps in the right direction

Cheers to small steps and in believing that your dreams are worth chasing after. :)

With handmade love,