Monday, May 13, 2013


I fondly remember how I was asked for a Leadership Award back when I was in elementary the proverbial question: How would you describe yourself? I said I was an Aquarian, and as an Aquarian, I was supposed to be 'unique.' One of the panelists found this funny and asked how one with a twin could claim to be unique. So I went on explaining the things that make my twin sister and I 'individuals'--our differences, varying interests, etc., discounting, of course, our shared love for Hugh Jackman.

It's fun growing up with a twin. My twin sister, Ate Len, apart from being my perpetual look-a-like (although those who know us can already tell us apart!), is my best friend, my all-time alter ego.

Out of the many things that fascinate me about us and about her, as my twin, is how she, at a young age, was able to make up her mind about what she wanted to be when she grows up. She had always wanted to be a doctor. I did not have that grown-up decision-making when I was younger. I wanted to be a many different persons--Teacher, Dentist, Lawyer, a Nun, a Theater Actress, Painter, Miss Universe...oh well.

Recently (and I'm verrrry proud of her!), she graduated from her Medicine class after four years of painstaking studying, sleepless nights, and terror residents (hehe). She graduated 5th out of the 200+ students in the graduation hall awaiting to get their diplomas.  I watched her walked up that stage with my parents eagerly trailing behind her, her hood worn incorrectly--THAT hood which I, from my seat in the balcony, unknowingly, shamelessly, and proudly remarked as the honors 'badge' which only honor students get to wear--HAHA. Okay, I might have taken the Proud Sister role a little far.. :p

Watching her receive that diploma, I felt joy and pride and only happy feelings for her. She did it! She's now a doctor.

When I made her graduation dress, I imagined how I wanted her to shine with simple sophistication. She deserved to shine for all her hardwork after all. 

Ate Len wearing my dress, complemented by sexy bronze heels from Charles & Keith.
Here with her boyfriend, Bob, who is also now a Doctor . :)
Life can be so surprising. Little did I know when I was young that I would be making a dress for my twin sister. And for such an important occasion in her life.

Prepping and styling the graduate.
Added the waist detail--a scarf-cum-belt I had sewn previously as an earlier project.
Two weeks earlier, measuring my sister for her dress.

Drafting the dress pattern.
 I chose this printed jersey fabric because ever since we were young, the family would always refer to Ate Len as a 'Cat' because of her cat-like facial features (Meow).
We're proud of you! :)
As Professor Bhaer in the broadway musical 'The Little Women' says, "When people discover passion, they come upon something rare. This fervor they have in common will shelter them anywhere." I guess Ate Len and I will always have our differences, but the things that we do have in common--including an insurmountable zest for life and for the pursuit of our own dreams--whatever these might be and wherever we might find ourselves to be--will always keep us together and bring us home.

My twin sister joins the thousands healthcare workers in the country (and around the world!) who are making a difference everyday with whatever care and medical assistance their own helping hands can give. 

Cheers to fabulous dreams-come-true, and fabulously looking doctors. :)

With handmade love,