Thursday, January 3, 2013


It IS year 2013.  And the world has not ended. Love goes on.

Also, my stash of fabric and craft materials keep growing, and the ideas in my head keep brewing and brewing, I feel as if they could blow up anytime like balloons on my head and send me flying up and up to the clouds! Oh, I am such a curious child.

Yet I keep my feet planted on the ground, if not on the car pedals to drive around places just to search for the perfect table for my sewing station at home. I’ve seen a couple of lovely finds (and one dresser table with amazing compartments!) but I have not made up my mind on any one table. How can furniture shopping be this hard? I guess the female ‘shopping’ gene thrives in me—that one that compels every woman out there to scout for more when looking for the perfect dress, or jewelry, just because ‘there might be something better…out there.’  Men could never understand us.

I am spending the weekend again looking for the perfect sewing table and home for Zooey. That way, I would not have to move her around the house whenever I feel like sewing here..or there…or anywhere. I bet she hates having no place to call her home. Who doesn’t?

So..that cues in my story of two lovely souls who found their home in each other’s arms…for eternity (I know, it’s a lame thought transition. Haha. Forgive the tired, sleep-deprived writer) :).

I could insert cheesy lines here but I believe that the one they have written together long before their wedding day last December 12, 2012 would be a way sweeter story worth sharing. And a photo can say so many things which may be difficult to capture into words just as perfectly:

Mr. Paolo & Mrs. Iona Fresnoza. 12. 12. 12 (Photo by Ms. Gwyneth Palmos)

I had the honor of making the boutonnieres for the ‘handmade,’ art-filled ceremony, which was held at the beautiful Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. And I mean it when I say that the design process for the 18 boutonnieres was much like their love--- it was a journey.

After a couple of design studies, I fell in love with one, simple design.

Thank you to Green Wedding Shoes blog, shared by the bride, for the idea that sparked inspiration for these lovely handmade treasures. I feel like the couple has been truly blessed all throughout their wedding preparation.  I had the chance to talk with the bride's mom who, while we were finalizing table centerpieces and other handmade decor before the wedding (yes! it was a handmade wedding, and much like my dream wedding too :)), would tell me stories about how it  was not an easy time preparing for the wedding and all; surely a couple of last-minute errands needed to be done, but it all came along together on that day. And it was a beautiful day indeed.

Works of wonderful artists made the Love is a Journey exhibit come alive. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. 
With the bride and groom, and former PR colleagues. (Photo by Ms. Gwyneth Palmos)

For some reason, I also find the time I spent making the boutonnieres for the wedding as if blessed by the divine grace. You see, as I was digging through my box of fabric to use as accent for the material, I found the perfect fabric that matched their color palette (apple green and light pink) in every way! I didn't even know I had that kind of fabric. Even the feel of the fabric spelled their Love is a journey concept! Then I found also that most of my buttons resemble the color theme. It was as if my buying of these buttons during my last visit in Singapore had all come down to this handcrafting moment. Also, the ribbon I used was among those craft materials I had kept in my box some time ago because I knew I could use it someday. It still amazes me how pretty things can be created from just anything around us--if not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe someday.

Lovely photo of the boutonnieres by Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography

Stunningly, all somedays and maybe’s had spun towards a concrete truth into these boutonnieres. A lot like love isn’t it? And a whole lot like the couple's journey together where love has completely washed over so many uncertainties. Where all waiting have become worth it---including that first date where Ms. Iona was super late, and Kuya Paolo waited and waited until she came (this amusing story was revealed by the bride during her vows). Little did they know that that fateful day would color their next days with genuine togetherness and more dates to come.  

And that every day since would be a journey taking them one step closer to the day when they'll say 'I do.'

Watching them stand in front of God, grateful, and entranced in each other’s eyes, I could only wish the best journey and more wonderful beginnings for them.

And for you reading this, may you, too, find the love you can call home. Happy new year!

With handmade love,