Saturday, July 21, 2012


This morning, I watched an ANC show featuring Switzerland, and was immediately drawn to the story of Chopard, a company which joins Rolex and Patek Philippe among the amazingly independent Swiss luxury watch manufacturers known to the world.

The passion in creating quality and innovative watches while staying true to the roots of how it all started—handwork—struck me and made me think about all the time and precision and love that go into assembling a single Chopard watch. It was refreshing to know that something that has become seemingly rarified overtime remains simple and of such ‘human’ value. It is so rare to find products right now which have been thoughtfully and intricately ‘made’ by a human being for use of another. Glamour, glitz, and red carpet celebrities aside, I’d like to think that companies like Chopard continue to exist because, through the years, it has never lost track of who it is, and of the handmade art that every single person of its workshop is able to share to the world.

Although the hands on every watch these artists make today will stop someday, the gift of attention and passion they put into it will remain timeless.

Likewise, I always wish that I am giving part of myself away with each craft I do. Unmindful of time and matters of great consequences when I am sewing or baking or quilling or simply making a card, I know that I was given the gift of creativity and inspiration to make someone else smile. After all, are we not all here to make happiness ‘happen’ for us and for the people around us?

cupcakes_july2911 Forty chocolate cupcakes brought sweet joy to forty children in an orphanage.

While we are here, let us make our days worthwhile; and the love we share through what we do, enduring.

With handmade love,

Monday, July 2, 2012


Outside the rain pours hard as I begin this entry. I can hardly hear the music of The Weepies playing in my laptop; the gush of the water reminds me of when, as a kid, I would stay at home and read and wear something nice and warm from the closet. I loved the idea of the rain and the feel of socks around my feet and curling up in front of telly watching something like Saved by the Bell. Cold was kind of my favorite way to feel.

And then I grew up. The rain sounds the same. The socks on my feet still make my feet feel delightfully warm when it’s cold. But then I encounter new feelings and realize that cold was not just my favorite way to feel.
There are the feelings of joy, discovery,and light-bulb moments, and of more heartwarming episodes of aesthetic arrest.

I feel like I’ll always be in aesthetic arrest (thank you to the book of Howard Behar where I first encountered this phrase) at life and its beauty and many possibilities. For one, I’ll always be in awe at how people are able to transform material into an experience that’s human and genuine—how one’s creativity can totally obliterate the idea of ‘trash’ or ‘scrap,’ and make something out of nothing.

How we are able to share this gift of creativity with others.

 Shoes and pants I sew for my nephew Miles (He wore the booties during his Baptismal in 2011) :)


I’m glad that despite all the rains and thunderstorms I’ve experienced growing up, I never lost my faith in the possible.
with Miles

I wish you, too, never lose your child-like wonder.

With handmade love,

The aesthetic experience is a simple beholding of the experience a radiance. You are held in aesthetic arrest. - Joseph Campbell.