Saturday, June 2, 2012


I spent the last few hours listening to The Magic Numbers and downloading the film, Kate & Leopold; the latter basically for my self-indulgent 'eye candy' consumption for later. I have also been googling 'Best Documentaries' in high hopes of escaping the daily ruts and learning something more worthwhile than finding out that this actress is dating that actor, and his ex was super hot…I mean, how could she leave him, right? labo. :p

Anyway, today let's talk about 'Firsts.'

I cannot remember the first handmade thing I did, but I'm very sure it was some sort of a card with drawings of a house with a tree and flowers and the sun and the clouds and my family in it. Why is it that children seem to be programmed to draw a stick family sometime in their childhood? Do you ever think about that?

I do remember the first piece of clothing I sew. It was a blouse. About a year ago. I did not entirely sew it; I transformed it into something more wearable. It was this floral blouse I bought at a thrift store a few months back while on a business trip. If there is one fashion mistake women usually commit when shopping, it's assuming that that blouse or dress on the mannequin will look as good and as perfect on them. And then they buy it without tying it on, put it on when they get home, and voila! they---WE---desperately conjure up any sigh-saving rationalization we could think of..and. keep. the. clothes.

Good news is that we ARE women, and beneath all the fickle and impulsive tendencies we might possess, is an individual eye for design, style, and street-smart wardrobe judgment.

With Zooey, my sewing machine; a sewing book, and my make-do-and-mend spirit, I transformed this:


into this:


This was my first, and although imperfect, it concretely marked the beginning of many wardrobe transformations; not to mention, my journey towards lady-like self-empowerment and to many more creative and thoughtfully practical pursuits.

So before throwing out your clothes, my FIRST advice would always be: Make do and mend, ladies (and gentlemen alike). :)

With handmade love,