I remember myself as a child sitting in front my grandmother's sewing machine and playing with the treadle, my eyes filled with wonder at how this 'thing' can move so much with just my feet on the pedal moving aimlessly up and down..up and down. :) I never learned how to use it until many years later. 

Today, I made this blouse using a treadle sewing machine; my first time to sew something with a great deal of legwork. :p The fabric I used is one of many sent over to me by my grandmother. 

I love how this perfectly fits me. I love how it reminded me of happy tales of childhood and curiosities and discovery and colorful life surprises during the entire sewing process.

I love how I can tell this story to my grandchildren someday.


We all have a first-time meeting snapshot of every person in our life. We remember the time they came into our lives. True that these snapshots may not be as accurate, and we might even find most of the details of the pictures blurry, but they exist in our minds. Some snapshots may even be more special than others that they can never be erased in our memories.
My snapshot of Ms. Cecille was her walking down our HS corridor, commanding repect and confidence from people who glance her way. She was not our teacher then, but I remember commenting about how stunning she looked because she rocked a body that women her age would die for. hehe.
When she became our teacher for the first time, one of the stories she first shared with us was the story of her eyes. She told us that her dad said that it is her set of small eyes that make her  unique and precious. This childhood story spoke so much of the woman that she would become. I firmly believe that every child should grow up with people like h…


Do you know that feeling as you were growing up when you encountered something that helped you make sense of a word? You did not know exactly what the word "insinuate" meant until it was used in a tv show you were watching or a song you were listening to? I recall the feeling of understanding what the word 'faith' meant. I remember reading a book that explained to my young self that faith is 'believing without seeing.' Before that night, I could not describe faith. I knew I had it but I wouldn't know how to define it.

Believing without seeing.
Today, I celebrate this meaningful memory and discovery. Today, I celebrate the very person I have not seen, but who I believe with all my heart, and who makes me believe in countless beautiful stories that are yet to unfold in my life. Thank you, Jesus.
May you have a Sunday filled with gratitude, too. 



I believe that there is always a timeless elegance to anything so very carefully and thoughtfully made. I am always in 'aesthetic arrest' when I see people pour their time and heart and talent to create something that's just beautiful. For someone like me who is very passionate about patternmaking and sewing, I really appreciate the quality of handwork in this and many other couture pieces, as well as the opportunities and inspiration they create for people.  smile emoticon


Ms. Harper Lee, author of the book "To Kill a Mockingbird," will be publishing her second novel at age 88. This news brought me back to the time I made this custom-made pillow for a family of lawyers. Yes! And the baby's name is Attyquo, which to me is just awesome because it closely resembles the name Atticus Finch, the lawyer in "To Kill a Mockingbird." 

By the way, the book is as amazing and as ageless as its author. Go figure. :)



I just saw the film "Big Eyes" last night (thanks for the recommendation, mom!) and I loved it. I love encountering stories about women who emerge from sad shadows of their fears to find their voice and live righteously. 
Cheers to art and mothers and all the big-eyed children in all of us!

Have a lovely weekend, loves. 

Always as wide-eyed as a little girl can be,


Yesterday, two very lovely people in my life got married. My most favorite moment was when the priest gave the blessing just before presenting the newlyweds. God was surely smiling over Mr. NiƱo and Mrs. Maybell Sunico as they listened, hands together, with silent gratitude in their hearts.
Thank you for making me part of your dream come true day. It was as cheerful as yellow and as delightful as the dance moves you shared at the reception.  smile emoticon

Cheers to beautiful mornings of waking up next to each other, and facing the days together, forever more hand-in-hand. #NMDreamComeTrue
Have an inspiring Sunday, everyone!

Love and prayers,


My sister-in-law sent me this photo of her wearing her custom-made maternity dress at work. A front flap closes with a button, which makes breastfeeding easy breezy beautiful for any momma. Fabric c/o my grandmother from the US. Thank you lola!
I am eagerly awaiting and praying for little angel # 2! Thank you for the photo, Ate Shiela. 
smile emoticon